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The Physical Effect...

Some people have the impression that music is just sound, but in truth it affect your physical 
state of being.  It can alter you in many ways, depending on the genre of music you are being 
exposed to.  Electronic music with amplified sounds that stresses such musical parts as 
brass, percussion and heavy bass notes will physically affect you more easily than any other 
type of music.

Certain types of music can give you courage and strenghthen your willpower, while other types 
can relax your nerves and muscles and relieve tension. 

Here are some examples of music and their affect on the physical body:

       If you feel as though you need to be energized you should listen
       to music with strong rhythms and powerful contrasts between theme
       and verse.  Music such as marches, containing powerful chords and
       instruments such as trumpets, horns, tubas, saxaphones, cymbals, 
       timpani, and trombones often have these characteristics.  These tunes
       provide a healthy stimulus for your body, the tend to focus and clarify
       goals, promote cooperation, inspire and motivate loyalty.  This genre of
       music should not be played too loudly or for too long a time period or 
       you may shock your body and become exhausted. Specific examples of these
       types of work are:
                   blah blah need to find some, i think karen has the list...

       Another genre that has the same effect as marches are overtures, which 
       tend to be energetic and dynamic, and carry a happy tune.  An example of
       work of this type is:
                    1812 Overture
                    Composer: Tchaikovsky
                    Played by the NY Philharmonic Orchestra
                    Conducted by Bernstein

       Fanfares were originally written for royal celebrations, and contain a  
       strong brass and trumpet sound which can help to revitalize your body
       when out of energy.
       Perkiness is the key to energizing music.  Happy rhythms and brass sounds
       have the highest capability of recharging and energizing your body.

       Have you ever heard a certain song that made you want to get up and dance? 
       Folk music often has this effect on people.  It can restore energy and revitalize
       your spirit.  It provides you a free form of exercise, which makes it more fun, 
       and often tiredness will not come into realization because the music has taken over 
       your body.  Dance music can help to clear your emotions and helps you "breath in 
       new energy through your lungs and bloodstream (Lingerman, 22)" 
                   Tchaikovsky - Dances from Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty
                   Shostakovich - Polka (from Age of Gold)

       Other music has a tendency to slow you down and relax you. Music having heavier
       bass notes and slower rhythms