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Every human being experiences joy, sadness, anger, and other such feelings.  We 
all are host to scores of emotions which control what we say and how we act.  Many times
outside events or people are what trigger our emotions.  Music is one of these these things.
	The specific song you are listening to can affect how you feel.  Different types of
music may make you cry, laugh, or even feel anger.  Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninov are 
often found to be very moving.  Some compositions, such as Bach's 'Goldberg Variations' and 
Vaughan Williams 'Fantasia on a Theme at Thomas Tollins', renew your oneness with God by 
getting through your outer layers and connection with your heart and soul.  Music can also 
help you release your emotions.  Battling up your feeling can lead to an unhealthy emotional
state.  You need to express your emotions, not repress them.
	Different types of music affect different parts of your body.  The emotional body is 
most influenced by woodwinds and strin instruments.  Certain songs also cause feeling to emerge.  
Beethoven's 'Emperor Concerto' is known to motivate, strenthen will power, and give courage.  
Marches focus you on the task at hand, which is probably why the ary uses them.  National 
anthems unify the people of a country.  The are written to inspire loyalty and patriotism.  
	Listeners are often moved to great emotion by classical composers especially.  Such 
compositions usually contain a myth, story or is an "ode to God".  The music of the modern era 
is not as conclusive because your emotions are affected by the lyrics.  Even if the music is 
high pitched and in a major key you may be sad if it is about suicide.  
	Certain types of sounds and music create feelings of relaxation, balance and healing.  
These usually include lyrical, flowing melodies and chord arrangements.  Particular chord 
arrangements can create an atmosphere of openness and peace.  The pitch of notes also has an 
effect.  Deep sounds (which have slow frequencies) sooth, relax, and heal.  High sounds (which 
have fast frequencies) refresh and recharge the brain.  Another factor is the key.  Major 
keys generally have a happy, uplifting feel, while minor keys are more mysterious and sad.